Gabby Briggs personal trainer eastbourne
The first thing to know about me is that I wasn't always interested in fitness! Far from it in fact... I often had a gym membership that barely got used! But a couple of years ago I realised that I wasn't happy with how I felt about myself. I decided to get into shape, and enjoyed it so much it became a way of life! Fast forward and I decided to become a Personal Trainer to help others on the same journey.

My Thoughts on Training

As a qualified Level 3 PT, I believe in fun fitness that achieves real results. With my training you'll have my full commitment that whatever your goal is we will reach it!
You are an individual, and what works for some doesn't work for others! That's why we will tailor a plan for you together, that fits around your needs and lifestyle!
Whether you want fast results, or whether you want to take things at a slower pace... we will get there together...