1. Susan Packer
    Susan Packer
    "If I can do it, anyone can!"
    "FitClub is difficult, challenging, hot and hard work – but I love it! It takes me way outside my comfort zone, but I still keep going back – not sure why that is, but it’s probably down to Gabby and Paul’s enthusiasm and the fact that it's also fun, inspirational and addictive! I’m not a natural athlete, but FitClub has encouraged me to stretch further, run faster, squat lower and do sit-ups! If I can do it, anyone can!" You inspire us Susan! 💗
  2. Paul Owen
    Paul Owen
    "My working day productivity has increased, and I don't feel tired all of the time"
    " I started coming to fit club nine months ago, primarily because I knew I was overweight and needed to address this. Since joining and adjusting my diet slightly I have lost over 2.5 stone, am now much fitter and have a whole new lease of life. My working day productivity has increased and I don't feel tired all the time. Paul and Gabby helped me to look forward to working out providing an environment that is different every session and just fun to be at. I've made new friends and now know that losing weight and keeping it off is possible and can be fun too!" We really enjoy having you at the sessions Paul... Thanks for your support!
  3. Asia Jekiel
    Asia Jekiel
    "With a little bit of self motovation you can change you life for good...."
    I joined Getfit! in February The beginnings were very hard and painful but after 2 months I have lost 3 kg. My waistline has dropped! Slowly fat has transformed into muscles! Body becoming toned!! I have so much more energy, and I am able to do exercises that I never thought I could do!! Now GetFit! sessions are part of my lifestyle.. Yes is hard but worth it 100 % With a little bit of self motivation you can change you life for good....